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The world of Tatty Bumpkin

About Tatty Bumpkin

Clothes to feel good in, clothes to feel good about...
Tatty Bumpkin™ was created in 2004 as a response to the lack of Organic and ethically sourced products for children age 1-7 years. We are one of only a handful of organic manufacturers for this age group and are proud of the part we have played in pioneering the use of organic and bamboo in children's wear. Also, we are the first children's lifestyle brand in the UK to offer entirely carbon neutral clothing.

Although our clothes are, and have always been, organic and ethically produced, we think that the clothes should be desirable in their own right, too. Comfortable clothing enables children to do what they do best - explore, learn and develop their imagination, while ill-fitting and uncomfortable clothing actually inhibits learning and development.

Movement is the basis for learning...
Our yoga based, multi-sensory movement classes were the inspiration behind our comfy clothing and we now have teachers taking classes throughout the UK and Europe.

Our day to day aim is to enable everyone connected with children the chance to enjoy their unlimited imagination within their surroundings.

We now have:

  • Carbon Neutral Clothing
  • Organic and Bamboo clothing
  • Fair trade toys and accessories
  • Teacher training and classes
  • A Music CD to accompany the stories and classes
  • An Educational resource kit for schools
  • Teaching materials and tools
  • Franchising Programme


Company policy and approachUNLtd Social Enterprise award
Class content"What's On for Little Ones"
Gold in the National Awards - Best Activity for Pre-Schoolers 2008
TrainingCACHE accreditation
(Council for awards in childcare and Education)
Individual product awardKisses and Cream
(Runner up in best new organic non food - Natural Products Europe)



It's good for the environment.
Something is made carbon neutral when the overall net, greenhouse gas emissions associated with it are zero. Carbon offsetting means investing in a carbon reduction project that will remove an equal amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as the activity or product that you want to offset will produce.

It benefits projects across the world.
Our offsets come from a reforestation project in Uganda, the Kikonda Forestation Project which helps local land owners manage their forest in a sustainable way. The prize winning project works to train local people to restore and increase forest area through tree planting initiatives.



It's good for the environment.
Cotton farming is one of agriculture's most environmentally destructive activities. By making our t-shirts from 100% organic cotton, one third of a pound of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides is saved for each garment produced - that's about a teacup!

It's good for your child.
Organic products contain fewer chemicals and are far less toxic than many
conventional products.

It benefits growers.
Farmers growing cotton organically are able to reduce their overheads and the likelihood of getting into debt.



It's great to wear.
Bamboo fabric is very soft - is naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic and grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides. It is also absorbs moisture, keeping the wearer dry and odour free.

It's environmentally sustainable.
Bamboo plants grow very quickly and do not require fertilisers or pesticides - they also require very little water, in stark contrast to conventional cotton production. It is due to this that bamboo is a very sustainable and renewable resource. They also release a significant amount of oxygen into the atmosphere - even more so than trees! Bamboo fabric is created using the pulp of the plant - it is bleached without chlorine and is dyed without using harsh chemicals or copious amounts of water.


FEATURES of the Tatty Bumpkin™ range

  • Designed with active kids in mind, our clothes are versatile and easy to wear
  • Our cotton is GOTS certified and bamboo Ecotex certified
  • Dyes are enzyme free
  • Carbon footprint of each garmet has been offset making the clothes entirely carbon neutral.
  • We visit our factories to ensure fair working conditions
  • We road-test our clothes on our children, so you know they're going to last!
  • We put our embroidery on a patch and labels on the outside of the garment so that the interlining does not irritate sensitive skin
  • Packaging is recyclable or from recycled materials
  • Clothes are designed so children can dress (and undress!) themselves easily
  • Items are designed to mix and match

Organic Heroes:

Click here for links to some companies that we support in the quest for a healthier life and a healthier planet for our children.

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This is the Life Yoga CD and booklet

This is the Life Yoga CD and booklet

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Bendy Giggly Clever & Strong CD and booklet

Rainbow Hat Pink

Rainbow Hat Pink

100% Bamboo Sunshirt Blue SPF50+

100% Bamboo Sunshirt Blue SPF50+

100% Bamboo Sunshirt Pink SPF50+

100% Bamboo Sunshirt Pink SPF50+

100% Bamboo Sunshirt Green SPF50+

100% Bamboo Sunshirt Green  SPF50+
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